Saturday, 3 January 2015

Current Favourite Lip Products

So recently I have been wearing lip products a lot more and I have been loving quite a few so I have put together my favourite lip products.

My favourites are Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 107, Mac Patisserie, Mac Velvet Teddy and Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Shine in Charm Offensive.

I have been wearing all of these so much recently and I have received many compliments about them.

First of all the Rimmel Lipstick in 107 is my favourite dark lip colour, it is such a perfect wine-berry colour. Although I don't wear this colour on an everyday basis as I think it would look a bit too much, whenever I can, I wear this colour and so many people ask me what it is. The only fault with it is that it dries out my lips so I have to make sure I have applied lip balm. Apart from that I love it. 

Next is Mac Patisserie, whenever I want quite a subtle lip I always go for this as it is the perfect 'your lips but better' shade. I absolutely love the packaging and smell of Mac lipsticks. The only fault with this lipstick is that it doesn't last too long so I have to reapply it quite a few times during the day.

Next is another Mac lipstick, this is more of a recent purchase but I have wore this so much since I bought it and it is Mac Velvet Teddy. This is a gorgeous matte brown, nude shade and I was worried this wasn't going to suit me at all but I think it looks fine on me. I have had quite a few people asking me what this was when I was wearing it and I absolutely love it. 

Lastly is the Soap and Glory Lip Lacquer. When I first saw this I thought that I should steer clear of it as these sorts of shades usually look awful on me but after trying it on I actually really like it. The applicator for this is my favourite, it is quite flat and really flexible which means that the application is great. I really recommend this for people who want something that isn't too bold but it still looks like they have something on their lips.

So they were my current favourite lip products. Let me know what yours are.
Speak to you soon.
Bekah x


  1. I might try out the soap and glory lip lacquer if you think its good.

  2. I use MAC as well. Love it. It is called morange.

    1. It's great isn't? I've wanted morange for a while now but I'm so worried it won't suit me.